Using blockchain technology to solve a real world issue…

HYVE was founded on the idea that anyone with enough passion can change the world through the right combination of vision, partnerships, and technical capability.

We represent a select few who see the potential impact from disrupting the $12 billion fraudulent honey industry using sophisticated techniques utilizing blockchain technology. Combined with a strong vision, we see a future where more businesses contribute to the well-being of the ecologies, communities, and solving real world issues such as saving the bees from extinction. With out bees, humanity is in big trouble!

Here at HYVE we believe in a symbiotic relationship with bees, unfortunately humanity as a whole hasn’t been holding up their end of the bargain so we are here to change that!
HYVE “Founders” Pass holders will directly benefit this cause and in doing so will be granted access to the highest rewards as the company expands into the global wellness market!

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