The Overpriced Reality of Manuka Honey: Why Our Rainforest Honey is a Superior Choice

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Manuka honey has gained a reputation as a miracle elixir, often boasting a hefty price tag and hailed as a superfood. Originating from New Zealand, this honey is marketed for its unique health benefits. However, recent studies and revelations suggest that much of the hype surrounding Manuka honey might be more about marketing than genuine superiority. In contrast, honey sourced from regions like Greece and the rainforest offers comparable, if not superior, benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore the truth behind Manuka honey and why our USDA Organic rainforest honey in Functional Honey products is the better choice.

The Manuka Honey Hype

Marketing Over Substance:

Manuka honey's fame largely stems from effective marketing campaigns that have elevated its status to a superfood. The Manuka tree, from which this honey is derived, is essentially a type of tea tree, known for its medicinal properties. However, the unique selling points of Manuka honey are often exaggerated.

Questionable Purity:

Despite its high price, Manuka honey is not immune to contamination. Glyphosate, a harmful pesticide, is still legal in New Zealand, and traces have been found in many Manuka honey products. This undermines the natural and pure image that Manuka honey tries to project.

Global Skepticism:

Japan has attempted to ban the importation of Manuka honey twice due to concerns about its purity and safety. This raises questions about its purported health benefits and the integrity of its production.

The True Benefits of Honey from Other Regions

Benefits of Functional Honey

Greece and the Rainforest:

Recent studies have shown that honey from places like Greece and the rainforest can be just as beneficial, if not more so, than Manuka honey. These honeys often come from diverse floral sources, contributing to a rich profile of nutrients and antioxidants.

Purity and Safety:

Unlike New Zealand, many of these regions do not permit the use of harmful pesticides like glyphosate, resulting in cleaner, safer honey. For example, our USDA Organic rainforest honey is harvested from pristine environments free from such contaminants.

Organic Certification:

Our honey is USDA Organic certified, ensuring that it is produced without synthetic chemicals, GMOs, or other harmful substances. This certification guarantees our honey's purity and quality, providing our consumers peace of mind.

Why Functional Honey Chooses Rainforest Honey

Functional Honey for Natural Energy

Sustainable Sourcing:

We source our honey from the rainforest, supporting sustainable beekeeping practices that protect the environment and the bees. This not only preserves the natural ecosystem but also ensures the highest quality honey.

Enhanced Health Benefits:

Our rainforest honey is rich in natural enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy, natural energy source. Combined with organic Cordyceps and black lava sea salt, our Functional Honey products offer unparalleled benefits.

Transparency and Trust:

At Functional Honey, we prioritize transparency and trust. We believe in providing our customers with products that are not only effective but also ethically sourced and produced. This commitment is reflected in every jar of our honey.


While Manuka honey continues to enjoy its status as a premium product, it’s essential to look beyond the marketing and examine the facts. The presence of glyphosate residue and the questionable purity of Manuka honey make it a less attractive option compared to other high-quality honeys. Our USDA Organic rainforest honey offers a pure, potent alternative, packed with natural benefits and free from harmful chemicals. Choose Functional Honey for a truly superior, all-natural wellness solution.

Experience the difference with Functional Honey and enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re consuming a product that is as pure and beneficial as nature intended.

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